“I am running for State House in Georgia’s 66th District because I want to see our communities thrive and prosper. I know the value of our community and believe that it is critical for business owners to get involved with our government in order to make a difference. As a Republican, I will protect the conservative ideals that have guided our state to succeed and make informed decisions on policies that will enable our true pursuit of happiness.”


Jason realized at a young age that if he really wanted something to be done, he would have to do it. This ultimately built his strong work ethic and an appreciation for family, teachers, church congregation and members of his community who encouraged him along the way. He has never taken for granted the value of having a strong, supportive community and this has led him to speak up and make a difference for future generations.

Jason is a proud Republican and will lead with a strong moral compass and a priority for conservative ideals.

He supports President Trump with respect for his fresh perspective and business approach to policies in our government.

  • Protect Pro-Life Policies
  • Defend Second Amendment & Constitutional Rights
  • Promote Fiscal Responsibility in Government and Business

Running his own business, Jason has gained exposure to the challenges businesses face in start-up, growth and now with the rest of our nation, in navigating crisis management.

He believes that it is important for business owners to get involved and inform government decisions, build strong policy and reduce the barriers to growth and success in our economy. There is a process and a value for relationships that Jason understands and he will open that door and work to create a stronger connection between private industry and government policy for the benefit of his district.

As our state emerges from the economic aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Jason will leverage the collective wisdom of the business community, be a respected voice for small business as the backbone of our economy and help to create a strategic path forward, keeping Georgia on the map as the best state to do business.

As a Pharmacist, Jason joined the fight against detrimental health insurance policies that put pharmacy benefit managers in between patients and proper care.

He will continue this fight in our state house to strengthen healthcare policy, reduce costs for taxpayers and focus on improving access to quality coverage and effective healthcare practices. Jason will be an informed and respected leader in this arena and will deliver results for our district and our state.

Jason grew up in a community and a school system where his teachers truly encouraged and challenged him to pursue excellence.

Raising two children in Georgia schools, Jason has seen even further the value of a well-supported education system. As a state representative, he will partner with parents, teachers and school administrators to understand their concerns, speak up for their perspectives, and make informed decisions on policies that properly fund and support our schools and our students in their pursuit of success.

Jason has lived in parts of Georgia that changed and grew in ways that the area could not handle. He does not want to see that happen here in District 66.

He has watched the overhaul of Highway 92 and recognizes that we need a proactive approach to infrastructure with proper funding and policy at the state level that protects our quality of life here at home. He will support our first responders and push for public safety standards that equip law enforcement with the training, equipment and support they need to protect our communities. Jason knows that economic prosperity comes with effective management and he is proud of his hometown and his district. He will remain accessible and connected with the people he represents in order to make a difference.